5 Best Winter Sneakers For Men

5 Best Winter Sneakers

Sneakerheads, take note! Winter is coming, and it's time to put everything aside and enjoy the season in comfort and style. Are you prepared to confront the extremes that nature has in store for you this year? It'll soon turn mushy, chilly, or even freezing.


Don't blame your airy summer shoes for not keeping your feet warm in winter. It's about time to invest in a pair of winter sneakers that can withstand both the weather and the end-of-the-year fashion trends. Are you considering boots? Don't go for these unless you want to make walking a chore!

Here's a peek at some winter shoes that are as tough as boots yet as flexible as sneakers. So, keep scrolling to find the ten best sneakers for men that are more than simply a fashion statement.

1) Columbia Men's Peakfreak X2 Mid Outdry

These rugged-looking lightweight winter shoes are guaranteed to keep your toes toasty. The pop of blue lining in the all-black welded overlay upper is a style statement that will turn heads and solicit endless compliments. The ultimate combination of OmniGrip, Techlite and OutDry technologies will make you fall in love with this multisport shoe. Nevertheless, the high-energy-return midsole cushion and the rubber outsole prepare you for the harshest outdoor environment or whatever your day entails.

The Columbia PeakFreak X2 takes it up a level with a 100% EVA waterproof-breathable design without compromising breathability for water repellent membranes and lining. You can wear them anywhere, at any time, even if you're travelling, hiking, or simply just for fun.


2) Tracer Urban 1914

Apart from being the most durable shoes on the list, these "Bred" sneakers will most likely go with the majority of your collection. Whatever activity you choose, the high level of arch support in the Urban 1914 will keep your ankles stress-free. The good architectural round toe box enables you to wiggle all of your toes comfortably, eliminating calluses and stress from completely packed cramped toes. All Tracer shoes are built and designed to be suitable for everyday usage in the Indian environment. The textile overlay pattern creates an athletic vibe, and the bright orange offers just the right amount of contrast to highlight intricate details. The rubber outsole and lugs' distinctive shape provide exceptional stability and control when running. The outer polyurethane layer keeps the sole scratch-free and water-resistant making it the best winter sneakers for men.


3) Adidas Terrex Swift R3 Mid Gore-Tex Hiking Shoes

Adidas Terrex Swift R3 is the finest outdoorsy and intended to survive cold weather. It is so versatile with the solidity of boots in a sneaker. They have continental rubber outsoles for exceptional traction and trustworthy grips even on muddy spots and rough terrain. Need we say more about their waterproofing abilities with the Gore-Tex material on the upper?


The upper is a lovely play of warp knit mesh, making it lightweight for a winter shoe. Last but not least, these treasures are created from recycled materials, making them one of the most environmentally friendly alternatives on the list.


The blend of Lightstrike EVA cushioning and a moulded sock lining ensures maximum comfort and flexibility. The speed lacing system extends to the top (mid-ankle) to support and perfectly fit the ankle. The glimpses of solar red in this all-black and grey sneaker lend a bit of glam to any attire.


4) Tracer Urban 1931

The hiking shoes from Tracer are designed for men to help them safely embark on adventurous treks and hikes. These trekking shoes are durably constructed from premium materials that keep your toes safe in the snow. Made from sturdy leather suede upper and synthetic rubber sole, these hiking shoes for men are designed to deliver lasting performance. These shoes keep your feet secure against injuries while snugly securing them so you can enjoy the treks without any discomfort. These pair of men’s trekking shoes are also suitable for wearing at construction sites, industrial areas, and more. Featuring a lace closure design, the Tracer hiking shoes enable you to customize the fit as per your comfort and requirement. It also has a pull strap at the back that will help you wear the shoes conveniently and hang it to your travel bag, if required.


5) Puma RS 2.0 Winterised Unisex Shoes


These new R series models are yet another innovation for ultimate comfort in a streamlined design. The futuristic black colour variant stands alone as a design statement, and the combination of orange and blue colour chrome gives a distinct space-age aesthetic. The RS 2.0 is a game-changer thanks to the splash of blue colour on the heel counter, the outline of the toe box, and the single stripe overlay. The Formstrip in synthetic leather with nylon binding on the lateral sides contributes to the sleek look. The PU midsole and the rubber outsole lend a smooth foot strike when you run. Lace locks are blended with leather and suede overlays to convey a solid finish. The subtly curved heel wedge and toe cap make running feel so easy. 



Q1. Are sneakers good for cold weather?

Yes, sneakers can be suitable for cold weather, depending on the type and features they offer. Look for sneakers specifically designed for winter or cold weather conditions. Many brands now offer insulated and waterproof sneakers that provide warmth and protection from the elements. Features like fleece linings, water-resistant materials, and insulated midsoles can keep your feet cozy during chilly days. However, for extreme cold or snowy conditions, it's best to opt for dedicated winter boots with more advanced insulation and traction. Always consider the weather conditions and the specific features of the sneakers when deciding if they are suitable for cold weather.

Q2. Are sneakers good for snow?

While sneakers can provide some level of comfort and style, they may not be the best choice for heavy snow conditions. Snow demands footwear with superior insulation and traction, which most sneakers lack. Regular sneakers are often not waterproof or adequately insulated to keep your feet warm and dry in snowy conditions. For optimal safety and comfort, it's recommended to invest in snow boots or winter-specific footwear designed to handle icy surfaces and deep snow. If you encounter occasional light snow, some water-resistant or winterized sneakers may suffice, but for heavy snow, dedicated snow boots are the wiser choice.

Q3. What should I wear for cold feet?

Keep your feet warm in cold weather with insulated winter boots, thick socks, and waterproof footwear. Consider fleece-lined shoes and insulated insoles for added warmth. Stay active and wear proper-fitting footwear to retain heat and avoid cold feet.

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