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Every Step Matters

Mission Statement

With a strong belief that “Every Step Matters”, Tracer manufactures high-quality footwear at affordable prices for people from all walks of life.


On 21st August, 2000, an underdog in the Indian Footwear industry was born.
Nitin Kohli, founder of Tracer, along with Sandeep Jain started working towards their vision of creating a comfortable, stylish and affordable product line for the common man.

After setting up a manufacturing unit in Punjab, Tracer expanded its team and found a chain of distributors that later turned into a close-knit family with a shared value of commitment towards Tracer. Having seen the peaks and valleys of Indian footwear industry in the past 18 years, Tracer leverages a lot of expertise in the field. Over the years, Tracer has seen many Indian brands in the Sport shoe industry come and go. With fierce competition from international incumbents in the industry, many brands fail to sustain themselves in the Indian market.

Despite all odds, Tracer has survived and flourished in the past few years, making it a household name in the Indian footwear industry. By furthering Modi’s agenda to “Make In India”, Tracer aims to equip people to make a difference in the world.

Following the ideology of Modi, Tracer also started exporting sport shoes under the same brand name in 2010. With around 50,000 multi-brand outlets in the country and abroad, Tracer is heavily contributing to the national economy.

Tracer has diversified its portfolio over the years. In addition to sport shoes, Tracer also manufactures kids’ school shoes, leather shoes, slippers and sandals that are comfortable enough to wear all day and yet rugged enough to last for years.

Mr. Nitin Kohli - Managing Director 

Tracer is being run under the leadership of Mr. Nitin Kohli, Managing Director at Hike Shoe Pvt Ltd, parent company of Tracer. Mr Kohli is intuitive and shrewd when it comes to decision making. His foresightedness has helped the brand sustain over some difficult years of the Indian economy. His expertise in the field and his commitment to providing best quality at the most affordable price forms the backbone of this brand. Kohli’s decisions are guided by his vision to make Tracer the go-to shoe brand for the common Indian man. 

Mr. Sandeep Jain - Director 

Mr Jain is boundlessly committed to the success of Tracer. His strong ties with the distributors enables him to run operations effectively. Jain believes in forming long-term professional and personal relationships with people who understand Tracer’s vision. He works around the clock to make sure that the team is delivering on their promise of best quality at affordable price. With an understanding that every step counts, Mr Jain is extra stringent about in-house quality checks and assurances. 

Mr. Ali Mahboobi - Overseas Sales Manager

Mr Ali Mahboobi is a energetic Overseas Sales Manager and he looks after overseas Sales in Gulf Countries