About Us

With a vision to boost the country’s economy and traditionalize the speedily westernizing world, Tracer fundamentally aims to provide comfortable yet stylish shoes made in India for India. By furthering Modi’s agenda to “make in India”, Tracer aims to equip people to make a difference in their own world. 


We have successfully set a unique foot code called PWP or Play Work Party. By providing you with a range of different footwear to wear for all three aspects of your life, Tracer’s classy yet reasonable line ensures that our customers potentially put the few bucks saved from shoe-shopping on investment beneficial to our customers and hence our nation’s economy.  



All in all, with the ultimate goal of putting our country and its citizens—our customers first, Tracer manufactures shoes and accessories that are comfy enough to wear all day and yet rugged enough to last much longer than that one favorite car in your garage!

                                                            HIKE DISTRIBUTIONS PVT. LTD.