Aaghaaz- A New Beginning



About Aaghaaz


Aaghaaz is a society that works for the betterment of less-privileged women by providing them with an opportunity to learn skills such as stitching, computer-training,English-speaking, cosmetology among others free of charge. With a vision to make women financially independent, a group of women founded Aaghaaz on May 8,2012. In an effort to give back to the society people more often only consume from, Aaghaaz provides free of cost vocational courses to women; this empowers women to break-free from the stigmas of the society.


In addition to regular courses, Aaghaaz organizes special workshops and health check up camps conducted by city’s renowned doctors to and fun and relaxing activities such as bag-making, box-making and envelope-making. They also conduct a mehendi camparound Karwachauth every year to provide the girls to gain some hands-on knowledge and confidence to implement the skills they are learning. The events and activities conducted by Aaghaazare often covered by various newspapers.


One milestone in the journey of Aaghaaz is the commencement of their own boutique and permanent employment of their very own trained, talented and ambitious girls in the venture.



Tracer’s Contribution

          The essence of Corporate Social Responsibility is not lost on Tracer; it’s not a favor we are doing to our society, it’s just our duty that we’re fulfilling. To ensure that we are not just another materialistic corporation out there, Tracer has made incredible efforts to uplift the society in the process of satisfying our customers’ need.Tracer has sponsored and supported Aaghaaz from Day 1 by providing the organization with the essential start-up funds and other forms of logistical help. In addition to that, Tracer ensures to place big orders to Aaghaaz Boutique annually for things such as stitching of the uniform of our labor to stitching shoe bags. Also, Tracer has employed a few women trained in Aaghaaz to work at our factory.

          Tracer’s support for Modi’s agenda to“Make in India” hasn’t gone unnoticed either. Tracer is now focusing on promoting local suppliers and vendors in order to reduce our dependence on other nations. We have managed to provide additional employment opportunities to the locals, hence boosting our nation’s economy.